About the Abandoned Rabbits

The abandoned rabbits are pet rabbits, meaning they are domestic rather than wild, they are not native to Canada and they lack the survival skills of a wild rabbit, i.e. a cottontail.  As a domestic pet trying to survive in a foreign environment, life is a constant struggle for the abandoned rabbits.  A pet rabbit has shelter, food, water and veterinary care provided for him/her.  An abandoned pet rabbit does not.  Therefore inevitably the abandoned rabbits become malnourished, sick, injured, or prey for animal and human predators.  After days, months or occasionally years of struggle and suffering, they inevitably die lonely, agonizing deaths.

Here are just some of the challenges an abandoned pet rabbit faces while living on the street or in the park:

Abandon poster hopperhome

The life and death cycle of abandoned rabbits seems a never ending one here in Richmond, B.C.  Each year new pet rabbits are abandoned and babies are born to many of them.  Some die quickly and some survive for a time, but there are never any long-term survivors.  While the life of a pet rabbit may last 10 years, the life of an abandoned rabbit and offspring is typically one month to one year, occasionally two years and on a rare occasion three years.

Here are photos and video of just a few of the rabbits abandoned in the parks and on the streets of Richmond, B.C. over the past several years.

img_3384.jpg   IMG_6427   IMG_6429         IMG_1300   IMG_1361   IMG_1529   IMG_1547   IMG_1553   IMG_1623   IMG_1628   IMG_1635   IMG_1637   IMG_1639   IMG_1852   IMG_1953   IMG_1957   IMG_1991   IMG_2079   IMG_2085   IMG_2130   img_2199 (2)   IMG_2244   IMG_2313   IMG_2324   IMG_2364   IMG_2457   IMG_2487   IMG_2490   IMG_2491   IMG_2496   IMG_2506   IMG_2553   IMG_2558   IMG_2561   IMG_2876   IMG_2976   IMG_3018   IMG_3135   IMG_3143   IMG_3152   IMG_3171   IMG_3198   IMG_3212   IMG_3263   IMG_3283   IMG_3286   IMG_3417   IMG_3491   IMG_3496   IMG_3604   IMG_3612   IMG_3614   IMG_3786   IMG_3794   IMG_3802   IMG_3811   IMG_3878   IMG_3862   IMG_3976   IMG_3900   IMG_4018   IMG_3996   IMG_4057   IMG_1278