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Abandoned Rabbits

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Remembering the Forgotten 50

There are hundreds of pet rabbits abandoned on the streets and in the parks of Richmond, B.C.  Sadly, there are too many rabbits left behind to rescue all of them.  The Forgotten 50 video was created to honor the lives … Continue reading

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Rabbit Land Refuge

Rabbit and small animal abandonment, rescue, education and advocating for animal welfare are serious and often sad matters.  So sometimes it’s good to take a step back from it all and find refuge in the lighter side of rabbits and … Continue reading

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CNN iReports

If you are interested in reading more reports about the abandoned rabbit situation, check out CNN iReports on the topic by contributor “Bandaids”.

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NRLB on Facebook

No Rabbit Left Behind is on Facebook as well.  Check it out for more updates and info!

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Speak Out for the Rights of Rabbits

Rabbits are silent victims.  They cannot demand that their rights be upheld.  Rabbits need you to speak on their behalf!           

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What Happens to the Babies born to Abandoned Rabbits A Life Too Short The first official day of spring is just around the corner now and here in Richmond, B.C. we are already seeing early signs of spring. The days grow longer, the weather feels warmer, daffodils can … Continue reading

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What happens to the Easter Bunny afterwards…

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Easter Rabbits

Easter is a time when rabbits are often portrayed as symbols of Easter and suitable new pets for people to obtain and give away.  Sadly many of the rabbits acquired at Easter end up in shelters and rescues, once the … Continue reading

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Love is Timeless

Valentine’s Day is a month away and is traditionally a time of love and romance for adults. As for rabbits, often adult rabbits are overlooked in favor of younger rabbits, and they end up spending most of their lives in … Continue reading

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