Helping Paws & Events

There are many individuals, groups and organizations that try to help the abandoned rabbits of Richmond, and rabbits all over the Lower Mainland.

Lots of thanks need to be given to the many rabbit friends who provide wonderful support in helping the rabbits of Richmond, both the rescued ones and those still needing rescue.

RESCUES, SHELTERS, & ADVOCACY GROUPS:  Thank you to all the volunteers who rescue the abandoned rabbits, take them in and provide food, shelter, and veterinary care.  Small Animal Rescue Society, Vancouver Rabbit Rescue, Rabbit Advocacy Group of B.C. and the local shelter Richmond Animal Protection Society all have hundreds of rabbits in their care whose lives have been saved.

STREET CREW:  Thank you to all the unsung heroes of Richmond who hit the streets and go to the parks regularly to check on and feed the abandoned rabbits here.   Maggie, Barb, Debbie and all the rest of Richmond’s devoted “street crew”, we thank you on behalf of the bunnies.  Your work may go unrecognized by humans but the abandoned bunnies know and appreciate all that you do!