Tale of a Rabbit called Anderson

Anderson was one of the first abandoned rabbits I ever met, way back in Sept. 2011 when I first began taking walks in the park and bringing food to the many rabbits that were abandoned there.

Anderson was living in Minoru Park in a meadow area over by the waterfall lake, along with a group of other rabbits.  Anderson was thin and rather sickly looking and at the time I thought she must be a very old rabbit to look so worn out and in such rough physical condition.

Little did I realize that Anderson was in fact not that old, but rather she was malnourished and in poor health from having lived in the park for a long time and having had multiple litters.

Over the next year I visited Anderson regularly and brought her food.  I grew attached to the sweet little rabbit and I became increasingly concerned for her health and her survival.

I watched as her first “husbun” disappeared, most likely deceased.  Her next husbun was a chubby cheeked beige colored bunny and in time he also disappeared, again most probably deceased.  Her third husbun was a black rabbit, who developed an infected eye, and in due course he disappeared, also most likely deceased.

Between husbuns, most of the rabbits living in Anderson’s area of the park disappeared one by one, until she was the last rabbit remaining.  As the months passed, through the rain and the snow I would check on Anderson and bring her food.  Always I was nervous that the next time I went to see her, she too would have disappeared and died, as so many had before her.

Finally spring came and then summer and more rabbits had appeared once again in Anderson’s area of the park.  She had her latest husbun (the injured black bunny) and life carried on as the abandoned park rabbits continued their struggle for survival.

However a year of survival in the park is a very long time for an abandoned rabbit.  Most die with a few weeks or months.  I was very worried that Anderson would not be able to survive yet another winter.

But on Sept. 3o, 2012, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.  Anderson Rabbit forever left behind the harsh life of survival she had known as an abandoned rabbit, and finally was rescued.  One of the lucky ones, Anderson went from street life to safe life where she can live peacefully for what I hope is a very long time.

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